Board Result F.Sc. 2020

Board Result F.Sc. 2020 The performance of the institution in F.Sc. Examination 2020 declared on 22nd September 2020 M. Sumran Shahid got Overall, Pre-Engineering Group & in College 1st Position by securing 1069/1100 marks. Muneeba Shaukat got Overall 3rd Position & 2nd Position in Pre-Medical Group & 1st Position among Girls in College by securing 1066/1100 marks. […]


BOARD RESULT MATRIC 2020 The achievement of this institution in the Matric Examination 2020 declared on 19th September 2020 M. Sabih Ur Rehman Haider got 1st position in School by securing 1085/1100 marks. M. Ahmed Raza Safdar got 1st position in School by securing 1085/1100 marks. Iqra Shafqat got 2nd position in School by securing […]

Admission Policy-11th-2022

Standard Operating Procedure for Admission Class First Year 2022 Class 11th Admissions will start from 31st of August 2022. Following procedure will be followed in this regard. Prospectus will be available from Faysal Bank-Sarwar Shaheed Road Branch, Sahiwal @ Rs. 1000/- from 25-08-22 to 07-09-22. Last date for the submission of admission forms is 07-09-22. […]

SOP / Guidelines Parents / Students

Safe Reopening Of School Pre-opening preparations at home Following should be ensured before sending the child to school: Checking the child for any symptoms (temperature, cough, flu, sore throat, diarrhea, severe headache, vomiting, body aches, loss of smell and taste). If any of these occur, the child should not be sent to school and a […]