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Safe Reopening Of School

Pre-opening preparations at home

Following should be ensured before sending the child to school:

Pick and Drop Guidelines


SOP / Guidelines Parents / Students

SOP / Guidelines Parents / Students

SOP / Guidelines Parents / Students

SOP For Students

  1. All students are expected to adhere to COVID-SOP’s i.e strictly (wear mask, use of sanitizer, cough or sneeze on elbow).
  2. PPE Check Squad will check masks to be worn by the students & pocket sanitizer at the gates
  3. Entry / Exit gates for boys & girls are separate. Please follow entry / exit guidelines as mentioned before
  4. School Entrance / Exit gates have proper SOP’s. Thermal, PPE check & wall mounted sanitizers have been installed at the gates. It is obligatory for all students to follow SOPs at the gates to avoid inconvenience.
  5. Students are expected to follow floor markings in true letter & spirit.
  6. Respiratory etiquettes must be clear to all. Cover your face with elbow while coughing, sneezing.
  7. Gatherings in the form of Assembly / CCA / Sports is not permissible.
  8. It is mandatory to bring lunch from home as School canteen shall remain closed. Students will have lunch in classes during break intervals.
  9. Home made lunch should be provided to the students instead of packed items.
  10. All students will maintain social distancing i.e. (6 Feet distance) in class rooms, Corridors & at the Gates etc.
  11. Students are not allowed to share stationary / food items among themselves.
  12. Students are not allowed to touch the railings, walls & doors etc unnecessarily or out of habit.
  13. Students / Parents are encouraged to buy E-devices (Laptop, Tabs, Smart phone etc) as it is not a luxury but an absolute necessity amid Covid-19 pandemic.